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Regentone AC2

The Regentone "two valve all electric" is a small, neat twin triode valve AC mains receiver dating from 1931. It was a cheap unit, retailing at Ł6 15s only. The case is brown bakelite, and the tuning dial is numbered 0-10.
Picture: Regentone The valve line-up is:

Mullard 904V Detector
Mullard 104V Output

The circuit is conventional, save that an odd sort of tuning coil arrangement is employed - for medium wave reception the long wave coil is in parallel with the medium wave unit. Capacitative reaction is employed, and the detector is transformer coupled to the output valve, which is directly heated.

A half wave Westinghouse metal rectifier is used - an unusual choice at the date the set was manufactured. The HT is choke smoothed. An external high impedance loudspeaker (connected directly into the anode circuit of the output valve) is required.

The model was exhibited at the 1977 V&A Exhibition.

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