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Picture: Pye Presentation 2

Pye 275
Presentation 2

The Pye "Presentation 2" Model 275 dates from 1928, and is a triode plus pentode battery set. In the 1929(?) Brown Bothers' catalogue it is said to be "designed to give considerable range and wonderful purity of loudspeaker reproduction. (The) circuit employed permits reception on wavelengths between 230 to 2000 metres ... a very efficient receiver using a Celestion built-in cone loudspeaker."
Picture: Pye Presentation 2 The set is built on a wooden baseboard inside the cabinet. The valves used are:

HL2 Detector
PT2 Output

The circuit is simple and conventional. Capacitative reaction is used, and the detector valve is transformer coupled to the output stage.

The set cost Ł12 0s.0d. including Marconi Royalty

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