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Picture: Philips 411A

Philips 411A

This table superhet mains radio was released in August 1952 and is typical of its day. It covers Long, Medium and Short wavebands. An internal plate aerial and a "magic eye" tuning indicator are used.
Picture: Philips 411A The valves, on B8A bases are:

ECH42 Frequency changer
EAF42 Intermediate frequency (IF=470 kHz)
EBC41 Detector and AF amplifier
EL41 Output
EZ80 Mains rectifier
EM34 Tuning indicator (IO base)

The circuit is standard. Some care hasbeen taken with the design of the tone controls. Bass boost at low volume is incorporated, and the main control works with a variable negative feedback loop from the speaker coils.

Facilities are provided for a gramophone pick-up connection, and a switch concentric with the volume control spindle operates to mute the radio on the "gram" position".

The mains transformer incorporates a thermal fuse.

The set cost Ł18 17s. 6d. plus purchase tax when released.

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