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Picture: Melody Maker

Melody Maker 1928

Housed in what can only be described as a black crackle painted biscuit tin, this is the Cossor Melody Maker home construction kit set of 1928.
Picture: Melody Maker The valves used are:

215SG Screen grid HF
210RC Detector
220P Output

The circuit is a fairly conventional TRF. Two tuning stages are used: the aerial circuit, and anode tuning for the HF stage. Waveband changing is by plug-in coils. The gain of the screen grid valve is controlled (unusually for a dull emitter) by a filament rheostat.

The detector is a leaky grid type with capacitative reaction. It is transformer coupled to the output valve. An external high impedance speaker, connected directly into the HT supply to the 220P, is required.

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