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Picture: KB FB 10

KB FB 10

The Kolster-Brandes KB FB10 (the "toaster" set) has become a collectors' icon. The AM set, tuning Long and Medium waves, was designed by Lawrence Griffin and released in 1950 when it cost Ł8 17s. 1d. plus purchase tax. Am FM only version appeared in September 1955 costing Ł10 6s. 8d.
Picture: KB FB10 The valve line-up is:

6BE6 Frequency changer
6BA6 IF amplifier (IF=422 kHz)
6AT6 Detector and AF amplifier
6BW6 or 6V6 Output
6V4 or 6X5 Mains rectifier

Several variations of the circuit exist, even to the extent of using different classes of valve (eg 6V6 and 6X5 on an IO bases, and a 6BW6 and 6V4 on B9A bases). Early versions employed a frame aerial. Later sets had a ferrite rod.

An auto transformer supplies the valve heaters, but the HT is derived directly from the mains. The scale light travels with the pointer behind the plastic diffuser.
Picture: KB FB10

At model number 110,001 KB changed the name to FB10/2, but this was not the point when all the circuit changes took place. The set in the photograph is model number 97,273 and uses a ferrite rod aerial, a 6BW6 output valve and a 6X5 rectifier.

It appeared in the V&A exhibition of 1977.

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