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Picture: Gecophone 3130

BC 3130

Reflecting the early 1930's taste for "architecturally" designed wireless cabinets that would suit a drawing room, the BC3130 is an
AC mains radio by GEC.
Picture: Gecophone 3130 Originally the black case had gilded shading but this has unfortunately been lost in the example here.

It is a TRF circuit with differential capacitative reaction tuning over two wave bands. The valve line-up is (from the 1932 Osram Valve guide) is:

MS4 Screen grid HF amplifier
MH4 Leaky grid detector
PT625 Pentode output
U5 Mains rectifier

Two controls tune the HF stage and the detector stage separately. An external loudspeaker is required. Volume is adjusted by means of a trimmer in series with the aerial.

The set cost Ł18 0s 0d. in 1930 when it was released. Picture: Gecophone 3130

Go to the reference page - a photograph of the instruction card inside the lid is available on the "More information" link.