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Picture: Bush DAC10

Bush DAC 10

The circuit of this set is very similar to the Bush DAC90A as it uses the same valves. However, the DAC10 features push button tuning with three presets. In early versions the presets were all medium wave. In later models one of them covered the long wave band.
Picture: Bush DAC10 This set uses miniature glass-based valves. The valve line-up is:

UCH42 Frequency changer
UF41 IF amplifier (IF = 465 kHz)
UBC41 Double-diode detector and AF amplifier
UL41 Output
UY41 Mains rectifier

The manual tuning and volume / on / off controls are at the side. The circuit is standard and unremarkable. A frame aerial is employed. The dial bubs are rated at 150mA and carry the HT current as well as the valve filament current - hence there are interesting variations in brightness as the set warms up.

Despite being contemporary with the DAC90A, the DAC10 has never acquired the same status with collectors.

The set cost Ł14 6s. 0d. plus purchase tax when released in January 1950.

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